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Why Volunteer

The principal intention of an Appropriate Adult is to prevent miscarriages of justice, ensuring vulnerable people are supported during police investigations. The Appropriate Adult does not give legal advice, instead, our role is to ensure that individuals are treated fairly, identify safeguarding concerns, and protect their rights, and entitlements. The ultimate aim is to ensure equity of opportunity so every individual has an informed journey through their own custody process & making a fairer justice system for everyone


What we will ask you to do

Our Appropriate Adults attend police stations 24 hours a day 365 days per year. We provide you with online and classroom training to equip you with the skills and understanding required to deal with any situation. 

Our online rota system allows you to volunteer at times that suit you, at police stations near where you live or work.

There is no minimum number of hours to volunteer.  

Volunteer Recruitment Locations

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Next Steps

Questions about being a volunteer?
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