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Appropriate Adult - Age Assessments

Location: Cambridgeshire

The age assessments of unaccompanied children seeking asylum can be a challenging process when the young person may be a child but their exact age is not known. Many children will not know their own age or be able to provide evidence of it, however, for any individual in the UK to receive healthcare, education and identity documents, they will require a date of birth. An assessment will be conducted to ensure the child receives the appropriate services and development.

The child undergoing an age assessment must have the opportunity to have an Appropriate Adult present with them during the interviews. These can take place over 3-4 individual sessions lasting from 1-6 hours at a time.

An Appropriate Adult is independent of the local authority staff conducting the assessment and their role is very important to safeguard the welfare of the child whilst facilitating communication ensuring understanding and active participation in their own assessment process.


Ensure the child understands the questions posed to them, clarifying what is being asked as necessary
Ensure the age assessment is conducted in a child-friendly, clear and transparent manner.
Ensure adequate breaks
Ensure accurate recording of notes which must include :
Any AA interventions
Any relevant areas of discussion
Observations of the child or young person’s welfare
Conduct of the assessing social workers.
Essential Criteria

Over 21 years of age
Own smart phone or tablet to use during assessments
Ability to use an internet browser
Ability to complete on-line forms speedily and accurately
Ability to pay close attention to detail
Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Understand the common law duty of confidentiality
Understand unconscious bias
Ability to relate to a variety of people
Ability to work proactively
Ability to know when to seek managerial support

Understand the common law duty of confidentiality
Understand and recognise unconscious bias
Aged 25 plus with previous roles, or lived experience with children/young adults

Non judgemental
Ability to remain focused under pressure
Commitment to diversity and inclusion
Previous experience of age assessments is not required as full training will be given however previous roles, or lived experience, with children/young adults is desirable.

Job Types: Part-time, Zero hours contract


Monday to Friday
Work Location: On the road

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